Benvenuti Corona Grande 2013

The story of the Benvenuti winery is a story of family, tradition and terroir. The winery is situated in the quiet Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking nearby Motovun, where they grow three grape varieties – Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat. Throughout history, these varieties have given the best results in Istria and therefore their intention is to use the advantages of this unique territory sustainably. 

They have an abundance of smaller vineyards, located on several specific micro-locations. One of these, San Salvatore, is at the heart of their varieties. The terraced configuration and the white soil, along with the micro-climate, give the grapes character which translates to very mineral, fresh wine, fully expressive of the characteristics of the varietals. This wine is a blend of Ulovina, malvasia and Muscat. The grapes are dried on a bed of straws, and then fementation takes place in stainless steel vats. 


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SKU: BEN-CORGRA-2013Country of origin: CroatiaWine Region: Istria and KvarnerProducer: BenvenutiWine Colour: White WinesGrape Variety: Malvazija Istarska (Malvasia Istriana), Muškat, UlovinaSweetness: SweetVintage: 2013Volume: 375ml

Tasting Notes

A glowing amber-orange wine. It has an inviting rich complex nose with apricot, nuts, cinnamon and barley sugar. It is lovely and luscious in the mouth – with intense flavours but balanced by just enough refreshing acidity. Long and lingering.  A perfect treat with rich fruitcake, Christmas pudding or even chocolate desserts. Or try as an alternative to tawny port with farmhouse cheeses.


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