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The Business

Croatian Fine Wines Limited was incorporated in January 2011. It was purchased in October 2013, having been based in Swansea, South Wales, United Kingdom.  It is now run from Winnington Hall, Northwich, Cheshire and owned by Mark Roberts (Managing Director).

The company has a purpose built, environmentally controlled warehouse in Northwich, from which our wine orders are fulfilled and delivered using Next Day delivery national couriers. The warehouse is not open to the public, but collection of large wine orders can be arranged.

The Mission

To share the pleasure and experience of drinking fine wines from Croatia.

The Vision

…another bottle of Croatian wine, please.

For Croatian wines to be widely recognised for their quality, value and superb taste – the wine of choice.

Importers of Croatian Fine Wines

The company name was chosen to describe what we do:

The importing of Croatian Fine Wines into the UK for wholesale distribution to the on and off licensed trade and for direct retail marketing and sales.

We are the sole importers into the UK of Croatian wine from:

To date, our primary focus has been on Croatian wines from award winning wine producers from the Istrian Peninsular, which is widely recognised as a premium wine region of Croatia. We intend to increase our range of Croatian wines by also including the best wines from Dalmatia, Croatian Uplands and the Slavonia and Danube wine regions.

Quality of Croatian Wine

We import Croatian wine from regionally and nationally recognised small wine producers who have vineyards of around 20 hectares or less. Our producers are registered with the Croatian Centre of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (Hrvatski Centar za poljoprivredu, hranu i selo (HCPHS) www.hcphs.hr and hold wine export licences.

All Croatian wine before it is offered to the market and when it is exported requires a valid wine analysis certificate and wine quality rating from the, EU approved, analysis laboratories of the HCPHS. Each wine bottle also has its own serial number label which is usually placed on the top of the bottle foil for traceability.

Label detail of M&S Pilato Malvazija Istarska 2011 Croatian Wine

Suppliers to Marks & Spencer (M&S)

Croatian Fine Wines Limited supply Croatian wine to Marks & Spencer.  In 2012, we were successful in winning a significant order of Pilato Malvazija Istarska 2011 from M&S for their new Eastern Mediterranean 2012 wine selection. To become a supplier to M&S we had to satisfy extensive due diligence research of the wine production methods used by Pilato and then there was also an on-site inspection by M&S in May 2012, which was passed with flying colours.

The Benefits of Wine Purity

Obviously, wine has alcohol and excessive consumption of any alcoholic product is not recommended. However, many people testify that after drinking our Croatian wine they do not experience the negative side effects of the additives found in mass produced manufactured wine and can now enjoy wine without an allergic reaction.

Low Sulphite Wines

We publish the analysis information for each wine on our website, including the Total SO2 and Free SO2 sulphite levels to show that many of our wines are low sulphite and are below the Demeter levels for Total SO2 (<70mg/l for Red Wine and <90mg/l for White wines).

Wines suitable for Vegans

Many of our wines are also suitable for Vegans, as no animal products are used in the production of these wines. Physical processes such as bentonite and chilling are used to stabilise the wine. All our wines are identified as to whether they are suitable for Vegans.

EKO Certified Organic WinesEKO Certified Organic Wines

One of our producers, Kabola, was the first EKO Certified Organic producer in Istria – they obtained their EKO certification in 2007.

The Taste of Croatian Wines

When we first tasted Croatian wines, they were a revelation to us “… so this is what wine should taste like!”

We want you to also enjoy the pleasure and taste of drinking Croatian wine with every bottle you order from us. Therefore, if you have an issue with any of the wines you receive from us just contact Customer Service.

Please see our full Terms and Conditions of Sale for details.

Winnington Hall, Winnington, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 4DU


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