Badel Antique Pelinkovac

Antique Pelinkovac is Badel’s oldest and most famous premium herbal liqueur, dating back to the year 1862, the founding year of the company Badel. It is still produced in the same, traditional manner, in accordance with the original recipe, from natural ingredients. The flavour of this premium herbal liqueur is dominated by wormwood, an aromatic herb characterized by its scent and bitter note. France has Cognac, Scotland Scotch Whiskey, and Croatia Pelinkovac. 

Antique Pelinkovac is perfect served alone, or on ice with a slice of lemon or orange.


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SKU: BAD-ANTI-0001Country of origin: CroatiaProducer: Badel 1862Volume: 0.7LABV: 35%


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